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JGL is a trade only supplier with over two decades of combined experience servicing some of the world’s largest brands with their premium and promotional product needs.

We get it, we’ve lived it!

So, let us use our knowledge and passion for this industry to make the process of product concept to on-shelf easier.


Brand understanding

A javelina is not a pig…

Brand understanding is easy if you ask the right questions, but it still takes time.  At a basic level, do you know and understand the brand guidelines of the client (Company) you support?  With that, do you know and understand the brand guidelines of its product portfolio? 

We’ve spent decades working with some of the largest global brands and understand that each brand has its unique identity and therefore deserves its own unique product to support it.


Ideation & Product Development

Let’s design products that can actually be made…

Once we understand your clients’ brand and product portfolio, we can be proactive in ideating product categories.  We can show you basic product ideas, ideas mocked up with suggested changes to make it a bespoke product, product scamps or full 3D product renders.

The right product engages the customer and delivers an emotional attachment and response that sets it apart in any campaign.



JGL takes the pain out of the entire process…

Not all factories are created equal and knowing where your products and raw materials come from is very important to protect your clients’ brand.  We primarily source from Far East factories focusing on bespoke and/or large volume purchases.

The JGL sourcing team have an extensive, vetted, factory database and in most cases will go to 2 – 3 factories for each quote, depending on the product category.  We generally work with ethical sources that subscribe to BSCI and/or the SMETA audit principles.


testing & compliance

Do you know your clients’ testing requirements?

If you haven’t asked your client about their testing requirements, get ready because we will ask you.  Many user-buyers often don’t understand what’s involved in factory audits and product testing and/or compliance.  We do and we utilise 3rd party testing facilities like Bureau Veritas, Intertek or SGS and independent QC companies for product QC prior to goods shipping.

There’s nothing worse than those “Oh No” moments when an order goes wrong and most of us have a story or two throughout our careers.  Lean on JGL’s experience to help you avoid any more stories.


Logistics & Fulfillment

Jobs not done until it’s delivered…

JGL will sell to you ExW, FOB, DDP or whichever incoterm is best for your client.  We have a herd of people to help manage the entire delivery process or coordinate with you or your clients’ freight forwarder to take possession of the goods where needed.  We track both air and ocean cargo shipments and use local and express delivery services for small parcel shipments.

Additionally, we look to co-pack campaign products at our factories in order to save on time and costs.  We also have partners in the UK that help us with kitting and fulfillment services should you need them.

Let’s Start a Conversation

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